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War Room 2011

Time to Hire the 2012 Ad Class

Applications are due by 4:15pm October 18th in Holekamp 108

Ad Class is a project-based course that recruits majors from across the university. The course is offered every winter, and the recruiting and application process is done in the fall in time for winter registration.

We work together as a group of teams to create one big ol' ad campaign. You don't ever have to have had a business class in your life in order to be a valued, helpful member of the group. Check out the course information and see what looks good to you.

Update worth reading:

Ad Class is now a four credit course. On Friday afternoons the class will meet for lab in addition to the regular meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Contact info

Program Director:
Professor Amanda Bower
Holekamp Hall 108