Required Application Materials

  • Application Form

    • Please note: as you fill out the application, you'll see I ask about a lot of different skills and knowledge-bases. Don't be freaked out if you only have a couple/few. Remember, we need a diversity of people, so this helps me with placement and balance of skills. I have no expectations that somebody would have everything.

  • Resume

  • Position Challenges: Show us what you've got

  • Letter of Interest

    • 1/2 page maximum

      • What can you offer to the class

        • Skills?

        • Talents?

        • Personality?

      • What do you want to get from the class?

        • Career?

        • Curiosity?

  • A Postsecret, show some way to remember you

Optional Application Materials

  • Recommendation from Ad Class alumn

  • Evidence of qualifications:

    • Portfolio of artworks, photographs, past layouts you've done, video you shot and/or edited, etc.

    • Especially if applying for art director, but this could apply to anybody

Contact info

Program Director:
Professor Amanda Bower
Holekamp Hall 108