Position Challenges: Show us what you've got


See the chart below this menu to determine which challenge you must complete. You are required to complete TWO challenges: one that is marked "required" next to the position for which you are applying, and one of your choosing. If you are applying for either the CEO or Project Manager position, complete any two.

Please turn in your answers/artwork along with your application.

Be creative, have fun, and show us what you're good at.

A - The Charmin Challenge

An important role of the AEs is to assess the needs and likes of the clients and represent their view to the rest of the agency.

Acting as an AE, determine what an executive of Charmin Toilet Paper® would like to say about their brand. Then find five ads that are not toilet paper ads (Charmin or otherwise) that have characteristics the client would like for his/her own advertising.

In three or four sentences, for each ad, tell us why you believe your selection reflects Charmin's marketing strategy.

B - Backpack Insights

Account planners are responsible for seeing and identifying previously unseen or unidentified problems. 

Approach four people, three strangers and one friend, and ask them questions about their backpack. In no more than a page of text describe the most overarching problem with backpacks that you identified through your interviews and provide a solution to this problem.

C - Cherp Cherp, Tweet Tweet

Respond to 3 of the following 4 questions in Twitter format (140 characters or less).

  1. Summarize the plot of The Hangover.

  2. “Tweet” how you feel when someone borrows something of yours and doesn't return it.

  3. In Shakespeare's voice tell us why you want to be in Ad Class.

  4. In Cookie Monster's voice tell us why you want to be in Ad Class.

D - Picture This

Choose two topics from the list below. For each choice create a piece of art (photograph, sketch, painting, any medium you like) that depicts the topic.

  1. Cookie Monster's persona

  2. A scene from The Hangover (no screenshots of the film)

  3. How you feel when someone borrows something of yours and doesn't return it.

E - Jazz it up

Visit Boston Globe's homepage and select an article. Using any software you know, design a magazine page (8.5x11in) around the text of the article you have chosen.

You are free to include any images or charts you would like.

No citations are required, but let us know what software you used.

F - Oh, The Places We Go

Media planners are responsible for placing the campaign's message in front of the target market.

Study this image, looking for places where your marketing firm could place ads. Use your imagination and push the limits on potential placement spots in the picture.

Create a list of media placements and structure it with what you believe to be the most effective placements at the top. Traditional, nontraditional, new media, it's all fair game.


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