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Cause of the seasons

The love of her mother

And food of the dead


While she was under

All was dark, gloomy and cold

When she came above


It was colorful

Blooming spring had come again

This was once a year



Persephone II


Three months down below

Hades bride, around the dead

Because of the seeds


While above the ground

Demeter is in sorrow

And nothing will grow


Three season above

Is not enough for mother

She wants 4 seasons






Ruler of the dead

In love with Persephone

Stole her for himself


Left mother alone

He fed her pomegranate seeds

Forcing her to stay


Three dark months above

Of gloomy cold up above

And nine blossoming



-- By Phoebe Pundyk, 14 years old, using the structure of Japanese Haiku poetry.