Eric E. Fitzpatrick--An Artist's Statement                                           
"A fusion of heart and mind..."




       My life's objective is simple; to fully develop the gift with which God has blessed me.  (Fame and fortune do not interest me--only the exploration of this artistry.)

        As an Expressionist, my aim is to feel deeply the world around me and through my art find a way to convey those life experiences to others.  Love, loss,fear,wonder,celebration-- themes universal to the human experience underlie the various subjects that are in my work. I don't think an artist should  mask his emotions. Regardless of what is being depicted, it is my belief that the inner world of the painter must be expressed.

      From time to time my work will shift stylistically and in choices of subject matter but the focus remains the same--to express the truth as I see it and feel it.In my landscapes, observation is combined with gestural elements and exaggeration to capture the "feeling" of a place more than the reality of it. In my figures , I try to note the movement and character of the personality I sense before me. Again, the "essence" to me is far more important than any likeness.

     Influences in my work come from such disparate sources as the Italian Rennaisance, the Ashcan School, and German Expressionism.At times the viewer will notice hints of  Bellows, Benton, Degas, N.C.Wyeth, Klimt, Schiele and DeKooning , among others.Like many artists, I soak up influences like a sponge and sometimes only later will realize who has become an an important part of what I do.

    In technical terms, my compositions tend to be geometric in approach--often  "X" designs or pyramids .The theory of thirds, and the concept of rebatement also come into play at times.I use diagonal elements to fill the work with dynamic movement.To create a sense of drama I employ heightened contrast between light and dark elements as well as complementary colors.My aim is to give each piece a special quality --to infuse it with an energy and vitality that can only come from an emotional reading of the subject.

    My art is a fusion of the heart and mind-- a combination of the formal elements that have made paintings great throughout art history, and a unique quality of emotion that lifts an image from the commonplace to the uncommon.