Three from Beverley

Virginia S. Deane

Mary T. Echols

Shirley Wray

Paintings and Drawings

Feb. 10 thru March 20, 2002

Gallery Hours:

8 a.m. - Midnight, Sunday - Monday



“Three from Beverley,” the exhibition currently at the Williams School, Washington and Lee University, includes drawings and paintings by three artists, Virginia S. Deane, Mary T. Echols and Shirley Wray, who work and study at the Beverley Street Studio School and who have frequently exhibited together in area shows.

All three artists have studied at the Beverley Street Studio School since it was opened in January 1992 by painter Frank Hobbs who invited four other professional painters to join him in organizing art classes for adults.  During the past decade the School has developed into a major art center, drawing internationally known artists to offer workshops and attracting students from ten states as well as all parts of Virginia for classes in Staunton and on campuses in Italy and southern France.

 The trio of Deane, Echols and Wray point out how essential the Beverley Street Studio School has been in their own personal aesthetic growth.  Their recent individual and two or three person exhibitions include shows at the Augusta Medical Center, the Nelson Fine Arts Gallery and the Shenandoah Valley Art Center as well as the Beverley Street Studio School Gallery and CoART Gallery.  Their work has recently won awards in the 2001 “Paintings from the Piedmont,” the annual Bath County Art Show, the Lynchburg Kaleidoscope and the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center jurored regional exhibition.  Invitational group shows include the recent drawing exhibition at the Staunton Augusta Art Center.

 The Gallery at the Williams School is open Monday-Sunday, 8-12 midnight.  Visitors to the campus are welcomed to park in Washington and Lee’s new parking deck.