Artists statement

I am a representational painter who deals with a variety of motifs, but what I am most interested in are the formal and technical aspects of building a coherent image that works both as surface design and compelling illusion. My response to the motif is a process of ordering marks, shapes, color and tonal structure as a way to express light, atmosphere and space. My hope is that in the end, each work reaches a point of harmonic resolution, and speaks to the mystery of human perception.

      Whatever my motif, I seek a timeless quality, not only as an inherent aspect of the motif itself (landscape, iconic building, fruit, nude figure) but also in all the references it holds to art of the past.

      The matte surface of a pastel, the way it seems to be absorbed by the paper, and the vibrancy of the pigments have a kinship to fresco painting, which I greatly admire. I love to draw, to keep my fingers close to the surface, and yet get the layered and painterly effects of paintings.


— Linda Carey


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